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May 1, 2024
Print on Life Support

As the world of fashion journalism thrives in the age of technology, a new generation of writers is compelled to nostalgically recall the past.

Photoshoots, Guest Lists, and Runways: Meet the Team Behind Mass Exodus

Hues sits down with the team of creatives working behind-the-scenes on one of the largest student fashion shows in Canada.

Ricardo Felix
Grief in exile: Palestinian artists creating through censorship

“They told us to remove the word Palestine.” We sit down with Sameerah Hosam Ahmad to talk about the current state of art censorship, reflecting on the controversial treatment of the traveling exhibit ‘Death, Life’s Greatest Mystery’ during its first stop in Toronto.

Saif Ullah Khan
Love in Hues: Films for Valentine’s Day

From classic rom-coms to alluring action-comedies, discover a diverse selection of romantic films to suit every taste and mood with this Valentine’s Day film guide, whether you love or loathe the holiday.

Sabrina Yussuf
This is not an article about Connor Garel.

Connor Garel's gentle voice effortlessly permeates his writing, embodying the essence of a generation of hidden figures making waves in arts and culture journalism.

Macy Hatcher and Ricardo Felix
A Last-Minute Hues Holiday Gift Guide

From your friend who needs to relax to your aunt with expensive taste, our last-minute gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Ricardo Felix and Sabrina Yussuf
Community & Comfort: VIGYL

A Toronto creative with a passion for comfort and lifestyle, Stephen Michlits started VIGYL to bring a new sustainable and innovative spin on home fragrance. Launching his new candle collection: Monume, sit down and light a candle with us to learn more about VIGYL with Stephen.

Ricardo Felix
In Defence of Modernity

Maya Fettes defends modern architecture, looking beyond trends to consider what truly makes for livable space.

Maya Fettes
Head Over Heels

Think jukebox musical meets the iconic musical group, The GoGos! Peyton sits down to chat with X Musical Theatre Company’s latest production; Head Over Heels.

Peyton Mott
The Eternal Appeal of 90s Minimalism

There's just something about the 90s. Sydney captures the evergreen appeal of 90s minimalism through some of the icons of our time.

Sydney Russo
In Order To Dance: Toronto Boiler Room

Joseph describes the feeling of euphoria emanating from Boiler room, an internationally renowned platform for electronic house music and staple of Toronto’s underground music scene.

Joseph Gleasure
Style as Self-Respect: Joan Didion’s Relationship with Fashion

An ode to the late literary icon, Sydney Russo captures Joan Didion’s style, imbued with self-respect, which transcends fashion cycles to become a lasting emblem of timeless style.

Sydney Russo
Coming of Age Will Never Die

There’s something about that misfit friend group / small town / first love / significant loss that keeps us coming back time after time. Maya Fettes explores the infamous genre, Coming of Age.

Maya Fettes
Maggy Reeves: the first lady of Canadian haute couture

Shira Alter explores the work of eccentric Toronto fashion couturier Maggy Reeves who left behind a legacy for future designers to follow in her footsteps

Shira Alter
The Many Faces of Andy Warhol: Reflecting on the AGO’s Retrospective

An all-encompassing experience that takes a biographical approach to curation and explores the visual lexicon of Andy Warhol.

Sydney Russo
Conversations on Choreography

Interviews with Charlie Skuy, Ethan Colangelo, Justin Rapaport, finalists of the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition

Emily Bartosiewicz
Let's Talk About Sex

Brooke English interviews professional sexuality and breakthrough coach, Gemma

Brooke English
Closing the loop on fashion: moving towards a sustainable future

A diverse range of activists, designers, and academics are focusing their efforts towards disrupting the fashion status quo by shifting to a sustainable, future-oriented approach.

Aisling Gogan
Matthew Worku Speaks with RAD on his new book, You Can Call Me

Brooke English chats with author, Matthew Work on his new book

Brooke English
An Artists Reflection with Chara Ho

Olivia DeRoche interviews artist Chara Ho

Olivia DeRoche
Behind ‘At the Seams’

Creative director of ‘At the Seams’, Aisling Gogan, shares her experience completing an in house editorial for issue 12

Aisling Gogan
Sitting Down with StyleCircle's Art Director: Steve Nguyen

Brooke English chats with Art Director of StyleCircle, Steve Sashimi

Brooke English
RAD: Issue 11 Launch - Oh What a Night

RADmag’s Issue 11 launch party was a night to be remembered - here’s what you missed

Alyssa Kissoondath
Age of You @ MOCA: A Contemplative Review

“Age of You” was an exhibit that needs to be talked about; not by just me or you alone, but by all of us religious tech users.”

Mia Yaguchi-Chow
What Does "On-Brand" Really Mean?

Maintaining a strong social presence is vital as an artist or entrepreneur. How much do you really unpack this concept and apply it to your own self-brand?

Brooke English
Floraison: Cultivating Consent Through Fashion

Just as a garden can flourish, you too can bloom from difficult experiences — In support of Consent Comes First, which is Ryerson’s on-campus support service; Floraison was a student organized event filled with: important conversations, self-expression, and a drag performance! Get the inside scoop from a member of the organizing class on our blog!

Aisling Gogan
Eight Art Exhibits to Get You Through March

Take advantage of the warming weather this month and check out some of these shows.

Connor Garel
A Love Letter To Our Issue 10 Launch Party

Our writer reflects on a launch party for the books.

Mia Yaguchi-Chow
Five Lessons from Tyler Mitchell

The first Black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue magazine—and also, one of the youngest—gives his advice on how to take a good photo.

Kaylah Wilson and Connor Garel


Late Dispatch: 706XMaryYoung Launch Party

Behind the Scenes at the Mary Young Launch Party

Mia Yaguchi-Chow
RADmag's Issue 09 Launch Was More Than A Launch Party

Issue 09 had a launch party. But it meant so much more than that.

Connor Garel and Kelsey Adlem
This Indigenous VR Experience Shows Toronto Reclaimed By Nature

Flooded subway tracks, crumbling highrises — artist Lisa Jackson envisions a VR future of a Tkaronto reclaimed by nature.

Dominique Di Libero
An Ethical Approach to Leisure Wear

Your day starts when you change into new clothing and head out the door. But what if you're spending the day working or relaxing at home? Inspired by the freelance lifestyle working remotely on a couch, Soft Focus is the Toronto label creating easy and comfortable leisure wear from soft ethical fabrics.

Heather Taylor-Singh
What RADmag Issue 08 Brought to the Table

Summarizing the creativity and forwardthinking that composes the 8th issue of Ryerson Art + Design.

Iain Ailles
What RADmag Issue 08 Brought to the Table

Summarizing the creativity and forwardthinking that composes the 8th issue of Ryerson Art + Design.

Iain Ailles
An Intro to INTRO 2018

January 20th carried with it one of the balmiest days of the new year as well as the incredible student-run Ryerson fashion event, INTRO, held at the Sears Atrium on campus that Saturday night.

Katie Ferreira
Telling A Story With Josef Adamu and His Sunday School

Josef Adamu is leading the way with his visual story telling platform Sunday School. Taking stories of all kinds, Josef brings together a team and places these naratives in a colourfully composed environment giving each a powerful strength and pleasing clarity.

Iain Ailles
Haley Wilsdon Captures The Cold, Uncomfortable and Beautiful

Haley Wilsdon documents three weeks of 5am swims in Lake Ontario during the fall of 2017. Working to examine and experience the difficulties and discomforts of creating a routine out of an activity never previously undertaken.

Studio 9: The Touch and Feel of 9 Photographers in Toronto

Thank You Kindly, a production and design company in Toronto constructed interactive installations inspired by the visions of notable female photographers from Toronto. We talk about their journey in creation of these installations and the importance of tangible interaction.

Iain Ailles
Ryerson's PARALLELS Is More Than A Fashion Show

Parallels was supposed to be a student-run fashion presentation that, for a night, transformed a slice of Toronto into a celebration of queer hyper-visibility. But what happened was far more than that.

Connor Garel
Design for a Better Future With Design Exchange

“It was truly amazing to see designers all over the world with different backgrounds come together to present topics within our society that they were passionate about. Whether they had an artistic, architectural or engineering background, everyone had something to react about and wanted to change something about it...”

Melissa Boodoo
Ryerson's New Generation of Talent: the Future is Female

A show conceptualized around “heritage, diversity and innovation,” everything the Ryerson School of Fashion is, and everything Toronto fashion should be.

Maxine McCarthy
Berlin Street Photography Meets Poetry for Our Latest Editorial: Boys About Town

Wasted Youth marries the inspiration derived from Berlin street gangs and vintage sportswear with the landscape and 1940s architecture of the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant. Ryerson and Toronto creatives teamed up to create this summer shoot that attempts to take some of the glamour out of the idea of a fashion editorial.

RADmag Issue 07 Launch // Blank Canvas

With the drinks flowing and a great group to savour them, we were excited to unveil the first look at Issue 07 throughout both the magazine and space itself.

Katie Ferreira
Behind The Scenes of an Extravaganza

Tap of a makeup brush, click of a heel and out the door. Category Is, one of the editorials featured in RADmag's Issue 07, pays homage to the roots of Vogue Balls in 80s Harlem New York

Connor Garel
Accessories to Keep Your Summer Blues at Bay

For this accessory focused editorial, we're created surroundings in which each piece can express their own character to give you a taste of what they're all about.

Iain Ailles and Nabra Badr
Interview: Fashion Communication Graduate Giuliana Rucchetto

I sat down with Giuliana Rucchetto, a recent graduate of the Fashion Communication program, to delve deeper into her whirlwind four year experience at Ryerson University.

Katie Ferreira
Tracing the History and Meaning of Montreal's Megastructure

One of Canada’s most monumental structures, Habitat 67 attempts to bridge urbanization. It introduced a different approach on reimagining housing complex with all access to suburban amenities--Privacy, access to green space and openness. Israeli-Canadian architect, Moshe Safdie juxtaposed rigid geometric forms within an organic environment and continues to inspire new ways of living.

Melissa Boodoo
From Grammy, With Love.

Gram-Me-Down adjective /gram-mē-ˌdau̇n/ 1 : put in use by one granddaughter, grandson or grandkids after being used, discarded, or handed down by grandmother

Maxine McCarthy
Top Five Instagram Locations on Campus

Admit it. You set the alarm early, planning to knock everything off your perpetual checklist. Read chapter 12, which happens to be 80 pages? Grocery shop, because your avocados went bad a week ago and you're living off take out. Clean your room, but mainly do your laundry because your clothes hamper is beginning to resemble Mount Kilimanjaro. Start your essay, even though you know it will not even have a title till 12 hours before it is due. One skim over the list and you're uninterested. So what do you do instead? Treat your three hour lecture as if it is the Met Gala, and get severely overdressed. But do not fear. We are all guilty.

Maxine McCarthy
From the Archives: Ryerson's Style Through The Decades

Have you ever wondered what fashion looked like at Ryerson in the past? So did I. Luckily some photos were kept in our Archives at Ryerson over the years, and here they are for you today.

Iain Ailles
Connor's Top Five Toronto Thrift Hotspots

As a gift from me to you, here are some of my current favourite thrift store spots.

Connor Garel
How a Ryerson Student Landed One of the Most Coveted Positions in Fashion

Gianluca Inglesi graduated from Ryerson University four short years ago. Scores of hairstyles and birthdays later, he landed a position as a buyer for one of the world’s most popular fast fashion retailers, indirectly responsible for dressing the thousands of young people who meander into H&M every day.

Connor Garel
Interview: Mass Exodus Producer '17, Krizia Peluso

Itinerant photographer, fashion powerhouse and now the producer of Mass Exodus, the ever-busy Karizia Peluso talks to RADmag about the upcoming Mass Ex 17'.

BTS of Nighthawks // FCAD

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at making "Nighthawks", our Edward Hopper inspired editorial. Find the full series in Issue 06 of RADmag, on stands in Toronto! Take a look at the set and hear from the creative team, with big thanks to FCAD for making it all possible!

Clothing Swap with RADmag and The Factory

RADmag was thrilled to host our second annual clothing swap back in February. The event took place at eative filmcafe, a cozy cafe in the heart of Kensington Market. A success to say the least, the swap was filled with mingling bodies, great finds, and hot drinks to help keep out the cold air.

Style Generations

Being that many of us on the RADmag team love fashion, we thought what better way to celebrate today then by throwing back to our parents best looks. After pulling out old photo albums and emailing parents for photos, our team has compiled an archive of their killer styles and stories. Enjoy.

What's In My Bag: Graeme Montgomery

Want to know what's in the bag our Editor-in-Chief, Graeme Montgomery? Watch our video to find out!

RADmag's Top Tips on Styling Your Bookshelf

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed bookshelf. Whether it be crammed and overflowing, or neat and alphabetized, bookshelves possess a narrative that goes beyond the books and into the owner itself.

An Interview With Megan Campagnolo of Rosehound Apparel

RADmag was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Megan Campagnolo, the designer behind Toronto-famous brand Rosehound Apparel.

Stephanie Pereira
Student Spotlight: Jenny Barron

Jenny Barron is a fourth year Creative Industries student at Ryerson. Splitting her time between specialities of Interior Design and Printing and Publishing (formerly known as Graphic Communications Management), Jenny has masterly created a portfolio that pushes beyond one sole medium.

Sasha Downie-Ross
Branding 101

Branding is a crucial component in today’s professional world, especially online. RADmag has the guide for young professionals and uni students to take their brands to the next level.

Stephanie Pereira
Top Toronto Stores for Design Inspiration

There is often a huge misconception around interior decorating that you need to spend a lot for quality designs. This notion is 100% false. It’s not about over-spending and changing everything, it’s about finding one or two pieces that help tie everything else together.

Sasha Downie-Ross and Stephanie Pereira
5 People You Need to Follow on Instagram

We’ve all had those moments: scrolling through our top feeds, looking for that perfect laugh out loud meme, when we come across something so angelic we just have to click. Whether it’s a perfectly plated dish or a lit-to-perfection selfie, Instagrammers have the power to make us want just about anything.

Sasha Downie-Ross and Stephanie Pereira
Spring Cleaning: Organize Your Space

So, here we are: part two of the Spring Cleaning edit. It’s now officially spring, so put away your layers and shave those bodies!

Sasha Downie-Ross and Stephanie Pereira
Brenda Shivanandan

Brenda Shivanandan is an Interior Design student at Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design. She is an intelligent designer, who strives to create contextual designs and cohesive concepts. For her 2nd year technical course, she proposed a reimagined threshold for an existing building:

Christopher Davidson

Christopher Davidson is currently a 3rd year Interior Design student at the School of Interior Design (RSID). Though he previously obtained a degree in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University, Christopher still had a desire to pursue his passion for interior design

Elham Emami

A chair is the most complicated piece of furniture to design, and is as much a functional piece as it is a decorative element.