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Untamed Growth

Video by Olivia DeRoche and edited by Manuel Hariman


Untamed Growth is a narrative of shifting and evolving relationships throughout the pandemic. While we have lost the ability to form new physical relations we have gained the power to strengthen existing relationships. This series focuses on an array of different types of connections that may have grown throughout the pandemic, including roommates, families, and a couple. This growth is represented by flourishing vines, painted onto the images by hand to demonstrate one’s personal growth. These vines establish how the subjects have become linked and continue to grow together. 


Photographer/Creative Director/Painter: Abigail Chevalier

Set Assistant/Videographer: Olivia DeRoche

Models: Bobby Markov, Laith Kinani, Julie Chevalier, Alex Chevalier, Michael Wamara, Olivia DeRoche, Marjory Wamara, Daniel Wamara, Ezekiel Wamara