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On my way!

Video by Manuel Hariman


“Mirror check.”

“10 minutes away.”

“We’re already inside.”

All tied to the motion of work and play; casual dialogue preserved as a relic. We are creatures of motion, forced to reevaluate our relationship with our private space. While before, social tensions were left at the door, work and play now take turns interrupting one another. We are not working from home but enduring public and private tensions while attempting to work at home. Sectioned interactions are now on the table. OMW (on my way) welcomes you to indulge in your sanity and space because in an economy of compromise, both are necessary for our survival. 


Creative Director: Alexander La

Photographer: Archie Sandall

Buyer: Zerlina Lac

Stylist: Jessica Augurusa

Model: Amanda Tran

Videographer: Manuel Hariman

Set assistant: Winnie Lee