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Growing Pains

Video by Kathleen Burgess


Growing Pains visually explores dysthymia, a persistent, chronic depressive disorder. The symptoms of dysthymia linger and find their way into integrating feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and depression into everyday life. 

Dysthymia and depression are debilitating, so much so that, while others around us explore new things, continue to grow and prosper, and blossom into the people they dreamed they would become, we feel bound to painfully witness as we stagnate. Sometimes the growing pains we feel are the ones we fail to experience first hand.  

To the onlooker, the model’s hair is beautiful and special. However, the hair holds a history of experiences, traumas, and time passed. It has become so long that it obscures her face and prevents people from really connecting with the person beneath. She recognizes the beauty of the world around her but is detached and removed from reality. 


Creative Director: Amanda Tran

Assistant Creative Director and Model: Melanie Nguyen

Buyer: Alex La

Photographer: Jordan Abraham

Videographer and Lighting Assistant: Kathleen Burgess

Makeup: Kathy Nguyen

Hair: Justin Chean

Stylist: Jenny Bang

Set Decorator: Zerlina Lac

Set Assistant: Maya Fettes, Miri Kang