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At The Seams

Video by Abigail Chevalier


At the seams is a synergy between emotions and materials, using yarn to explore the feeling of being ‘strung out’. Students in creative programs, in their efforts to succeed, place tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves. These high expectations pull their focus in multiple directions, spread their time and energy too thin, and leave them feeling isolated. The amount of time required for creative professions, such as graphic design, textile design and digital or visual art, is often overlooked or underestimated. In turn, burgeoning young creatives are tasked with a greater workload and must hustle to prove their value. The result of this culture and environment blurs the lines of a healthy work-life balance and leads to burnout. For creativity to flourish, it is important to slow down the creative process and collaborate with others. My editorial sets out to conceptualize these ideas through the use of yarn, soft harmonious colours, makeup, and styling details. The use of yarn helps to convey a sense of unravelling that is reflected in the model’s demeanour. The feeling of tension and stress embodied in the photographs is juxtaposed with the motif of support and collectivism. Yarn is used to tie each frame of the story together into a collective narrative, communicating that we are woven together by this common experience. If we do not recognize the need for interdependence, it is in this state that we will reach our breaking point and unravel at the seams. 


Creative Director: Aisling Gogan

Photographer: Adrianna Madore

Stylist: Brooke English

MUA: Taylor Chousky

Videographer: Abby Chevalier 

Set Assistants: Amelia Ball & Conchita Paez 

Models: Tristan Larnyoh, Oksana Liskovych, Alice Yao